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Sunday 26th September ‘You look like an Indian!’

Posted on: September 28, 2010

Today I had my first western rebellion. The heat has finally got to me, and I succumbed to venturing out in Delhi wearing shorts and t-shirt, with only a scarf to make my ensemble more modest. To my surprise I encountered no more staring than unusual and the only comment was one saying I looked Indian, and it didn’t seem to be a ploy to get money out of me.

This Blog is going to be dedicated to the media aspect of the Commonwealth Games. I am referring to what coverage we can expect, where the emblem came from and the story behind the tiger, rather than the scandal that has shadowed India’s transformation.

India’s vision for the game is that it will touch every cast, every creed of Indian society, creating jobs, and promoting the tourist trade. The emblem for the games is based on the chakra, but with the traditional colours turning upwards. The Chakra is known as tha national symbol of freedom and unity, with each colour representing essential qualities in human beings.  Sagreeta Wiliknkar of the High Commission media team, commented that the unusual shape is to depict ‘India’s rise to central stage,’ with the colours indicating the ferocious anticipation with only seven days to go.

Shera is the tiger, that is donned all over the city. He has become the mascot for the games, accompanying the ‘my city my games’ slogan.  Shera, represents; ‘the speed and power of the athletes. He is grand, and respected, the national animal,’ commented Sangreeta Wiliknkar, adding that the Shera is also ‘cuddly’, so that’s nice!

When it comes to how viewers are going to see the games, the media teams are chuffed to be able to say that for the first time the whole of the games ,will be available in HD in every country on the chosen channel. For the UK , the BBC has got full coverage of the games, including the opening and closing ceremony. Within India, there is also going to e a daily newspaper called ‘The Commonwealth Times’, which will keep those unable to attend the games informed.

Finally things are taking shape, the stadiums are built, the volunteers are milling around Delhi in their fetching coloured tracksuits, and the clean up has begun.


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