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Wednesday 29th September ‘If i’m not stopped, whatever im doing is okay!’

Posted on: September 30, 2010

The meeting we encountered today was one supposed to set our minds at rest, excite us for our training. Instead once again we were faced with the realisation that in fact nothing is running smoothly. Our leaders informed us that they had no plans to ‘sugar coat’ what was going on, and that stadiums were at various stages, with computers not yet installed in all of the press areas.  We were told about the security issues. At the shooting stadium security are not allowing you to take in pens; just in case you decide to stab on of those athletes with guns in their hands.

On actually entering our stadium, Thyagaraj Sports Complex,  things seemed surprisingly organised. Security was definitely present, but we were allowed to enter with water, pens and camera. I’m not inferring that it was lax, but it didn’t inconvenience us as we may have expected. The arena itself fantastic. A huge, brand new stadium, equipped to house 4,494 spectators.

With being Western and blonde, I have found out that I can get away with a lot of things. My new moto is, ‘if I’m not stopped, whatever I’m doing is okay.’ This worked more to my favour than normal today; as my aimless wanderings around an unknown building brought me directly onto the netball court, where the England netball team were practicing. The guards around the arena began to approach, no doubt to ask me to move, but a quick smile in their direction slowed their movements and they retuned to their seats.

As I stood and watched the team warm up, I was in awe of their height and obvious athleticism. There were smiles all round the team as they warmed up, and after about ten minutes we were approached by  Liz Bloor, the teams manager. She wanted to know who we were as it was a closed practice at a vital time for the team. She was re assured to know we were British and said we were welcome to watch. She was happy to disclose some information about the now infamous Athletes Village where she has been staying for three days. Her main comments were that ‘ it’s alright, but nothing has been finished properly.’ She went onto discuss the cleanliness, ‘They just have a different standard, it may be spotless to them, but for us there is a film of dust over everything.’ She said there were lots of good things too, ‘the food is amazing, lots of salads and the food hall is very clean . No one has been ill.’

Really the only bad bit of luck I’ve had today was my camera battery dying at the vital team training moment. But as the Queen’s baton finally reaches Delhi, something tells me there will be lots of camera time soon.


2 Responses to "Wednesday 29th September ‘If i’m not stopped, whatever im doing is okay!’"

Well done Gemma, you’ve mastered the first law of journalism. Looking confident and being friendly will get you to places even if you don’t have the right accreditation.

One hundred percent true! A smile is disarming for people who arn’t expecting it.

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