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Friday1st October ‘We must not be shy or cocky, just the happy medium of confident.’

Posted on: October 3, 2010

Day one of training begins with us finally putting a face to that lovely Australian accent. Today we finally met Amanda and Mark, our guides through the next crazy ten days. Our meeting which was supposed to be at one, was delayed through a mixture of ridiculous security checks, and a massive mission to find the way in, which in true India fashion was the most unconventional through a wood.

We were gifted with the information that our stadium, Thyagraja Stadium is the best. Our press area has computer, all with internet and we have our own Press Operations office. Our fellow volunteers who are Indian are very sweet, but there is a definite language and knowledge barrier, with it being the first time India has competed in the Netball at the CWG, it is not a sport the locals have even seen let alone played.

Finally the haze around our job description clears, and we have a clear idea about what we are doing. We will be in the mix zone, interviewing Athletes. We are not allowed to be shy, nor are we allowed to be cocky, we must be at a happy medium of confident. Then run up to the office, (via the stairs!) then back down to the press conference,(via the stairs!) where we will hae a microphone and will have to ask questions. Ahhh should be easy!


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