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Monday 4th October ‘I put my team through pschological testing…’

Posted on: October 5, 2010

Two days into the games and my life has gone crazy. The opening ceremony went without a hitch, despite the insane security and the Netball began even though the umpires got to the day before without receiving any uniform.

It would be easy for me to use this blog as a moan, a chance to get everything that is wrong with these games and the condition that I am expected to work in off my chest, but I think you’d find that pretty dull. All you need to know is Indians have a very different work ethic to mine.

Getting quotes from Athletes and Coaches, probably is easier than I thought. It just takes the right questions, and the confidence to ask them. The quote of the day yesterday was one Coreena received from the Barbados Coach-Jacquelyn Elaine Forde-Brome. She told her how she ‘Puts her team through psychological testing, which obviously worked because they got into double figuers.’ 

Occasionally the nerves get to me, when I feel like I can’t get anything out of them, or they do not want to speak to me, which is what happened when i spoke to the England Co Captain Sonia Mkloma. This girl is tall, seriously tall, and after her impressive performance on court shes also intimidating. I got a few words from her, but i could have done better, but it is easier said than done sometimes.


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Jhere are no stupid questions, just answers.”

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