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Tuesday 5th October Where are the ‘Netball Nuts’?

Posted on: October 7, 2010

Day 2 of the Commonwealth Games 2010 and once again the stands are empty. Netball may not be a sport played on a large-scale by Indians, but surely there’s some ‘Netball Nuts’ out there?

Finally our hopes are lifted when midway through the England (ENG), South Africa (RSA) match, a lot of people are shown to their seats. We soon realise that these well-groomed, uniformed, young men, are in fact some of the ‘underprivileged’ school pupils, who have recieved free tickets.

Despite their limited knowledge of the sport, their excitement soon breaks through, with cheering and clapping every time ENG or RSA score erupting from either side of the stadium.

Those sat behind the ENG net take a shine to our lovely Jo HARTEN (GS), and Pamela COOKEY (GA), chatting their names each time they get the ball.

It may have been the atmosphere that had finally been created that spurred the usual quiet HARTEN into being vocal, cheering her team mates on.

With big matches finally hitting the court, (New Zealand V England and Australia V Jamaica) on Thursday, will the lack of crowd effect the team’s performance? Or are the High Commission going to find us some netball fans?


2 Responses to "Tuesday 5th October Where are the ‘Netball Nuts’?"

lovely piece Gemma. Crisp, vivid atmospheric and tight. Great imagery of smart sixth formers shipped in as “underprivileged” seat-fillers. Just one question. Who won?

england! I think i had better make that edit later.

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