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9th October ‘My life would be so much easier if i had boobs.’ Quote Chris Frankland

Posted on: October 11, 2010

Proof that the idea of sexism still exists in the twenty-first century. This was a comment made by a fellow a student at a networking dinner, hosted by the British Council, whilst he was waiting to be served. He instead decided one of the girls should have a go. She was served straight away, but that isn’t the point here! When it came to music selection, the boys chose it, when it came to taking over the party with’ Hallam karaoke’, the boys had the mike. Why do females still sit back in a male dominated situations?

This is the beauty of netball, no men. We are able to see the talent of women, without them being over shadowed by the mens version of the sport. Whilst I’ve been here, I have had the chance to watch the best netball from every country being play in their own way. Caribbean players are feisty and have passion, Australian and New Zealand players are cool calm and collected, Pacific Island players are fast and Indian players are… well their unique.

There is one team here who have particularly tugged at my heart-strings. This is the team from Malawi. It is the first time they have played the top four, coming from no  money, they rely on their government to fund them. Everytime we speak to them, the proud Malawi players tell us how it is instrumental that the government intervenes and helps them. Currently they have nowhere to practice that even resembles the state of the art stadium they are playing in here.

Their minister for sport has been in Delhi, attending all of the teams games, which has left them with hope for more funding. The Malawi coach Edith Kaliati commented:  ‘ This has given us the chance to play the top teams. Malawi has failed to travel to play them before. Our government minister for sport has been to watch and seen what the other teams are doing – hopefully he will give us a chance to play more friendlies with those teams.’


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