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A Taste of Asia

Posted on: February 29, 2012

Approaching the end of my university life, I find myself with little money, little time and after three years of pastry, pizza and burgers, little taste for fast food.

My second trip to Southeast Asia last summer, left me skint and with a taste for noodles. Searching to find a replica of the food that I had eaten in Thailand and Bali has proved fairly frivolous, with the closest replica being ‘Indomee’ noodles, which I could purchase at my local Tesco, but didn’t quite satisfy my need.

However, this week i found myself in the rain, with a friend searching for somewhere to eat and we stumbled across Harmony Cafe on Westfield Terrace Sheffield. Although the name doesn’t imply it, this cafe specialises in Japanese food, and was full of oriental customers, which to me is a sign of good grub.

On opening the menu I immediately thought “oh no!”

Now you may misread that as something negative towards Harmony Cafe, in fact it was more to do with the huge variety on the menu, and my eating partners inability to make a decision. Food from all over the continent is available, from Vietnamese Clay Pots, to Thailand’s famous Pad Thai, and every type of stir fry and rice dish imaginable!

We both decided on noodle soup. I chose the Thai fish balls and fish cake variety, and my partner chose the duck. The food came quickly in huge bowls, with loads of noodles and aromatic smell of spices, taking me back to the streets of Thailand (without the roaming dogs).

The food is excellent value for money, costing just over £5 for each dish, with enough food to last for two sittings. The duck was all meat, no fat, which is often the case with duck dishes, and the service incredible.

For quick, good, wholesome food, that’s excellent value for money; start at Harmony Cafe for a Taste of Asia.


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