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Since i found myself in the vibrant but dusty streets of India, the Indian takeaway down the road, once my guilty treat, has never tasted quite the same.

It’s true what they say, in India you have curry for breakfast, lunch, and tea and oh yes, it is spicy! Somehow after a month not only did i crave some kind of Western food, but i had built up this incredible spice tolerance, allowing me to appreciate every full flavor that each dish i tasted had to offer.

I left India a veteran, no kind of street food could phase me now, but on coming back to England, i realised it would be the most authentic taste of India i would ever have.

Until i stumbled on the Aagrah Sheffield. It’s located in Leopold Square, renowned for having some of the nicer chains of restaurants in Sheffield. It is nestles down some stairs, which somehow make it always appear empty.
When my boyfriend told me he had booked a table there, i couldn’t help but frown slightly as it has a reputation for not being cheap, but then he announced Sundays to Thursdays they offer 20% of your final bill, and it was a done deal.On entering the restaurant you realise it is huge. The decor is a dark red, with the waiting staffs dress resembling traditional Indian clothing. We were shown to a table, and our drinks order taken straight away, each drink costing around £5 each for a medium glass of wine and a 660ml bottle of beer.

As i said before, when it comes to spice, i cannot be defeated, on the other hand, we have found from previous experience that my boyfriend has a really issue with hot food; his tongue swells up, and he needs vast amounts of milk to get through a dish. The Indian waiter listen to his concern, and  promised to make his Chicken Balti less spicy, where as i kept my  Lamb Bindhi Gosht at the full two spices, and we ordered Peshwari Nanns to accompny the dishes.
Our food was on the table within fifteen minutes and i was pleasantly surprised. The food was beautiful, all fresh ingredients and not a hint of grease usually associated with our English version of the native Indian dishes.
As promised, the chefs had catered to my other half’s needs and he enjoyed the dishes as much as i, inhaling his first taste of Peshwari Nann and a authentic Indian taste.For all of our food and drinks, the bill came to just under £40. For the quality of the food and service we both appreciated that this was excellent value for money, and we left merry and with very satisfied, full tummys.


For the full menu and offers check out the restaurants website

The Awesome Aagrah


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